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One of the frequent questions asked is just how realistic is the expectation that one can play till they are 93 years of age? Simply put, can it be done? To answer this question, Club93 offers two examples (both female); enter Linda Sinrod and the late Hazel McCallion. Sinrod happens to hold the Guinness World Record for being the world’s oldest female hockey player. The Virginia native is currently 83 years old and she didn’t take to ice hockey until the age of 35. Linda’s career wasn’t linear though and after playing for 10 years she took a hiatus—a long hiatus. In fact, Linda was out of the game for 21 years. However, having the spirit of a lion, Linda did subsequently return to ice hockey at a later age and she continues to play today at the age of 83.

McCallion, who died earlier this year at the age of 101, was equally as impressive in her hockey pursuits. Although she was a 12-term mayor of Mississauga, Canada, Hazel—who was affectionately known as “Hurricane Hazel”—was also known for playing hockey later into life. McCallion was a former professional hockey player in the 1930s and as mayor she was known to keep a pair of skates and a stick in her trunk in the event a game broke out somewhere.  Even though her Canadian political career is well known, she was also revered for her love of the game and for her penchant for picking up the skates later in life. Check out this interview with Hazel from several years ago and at the 1:57 mark of the video, Hazel shares stories of her hockey life.



These two amazing ladies prove that the answer to this often asked question is a resounding “yes.”