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Club93 announced today that it has just finished another fundraising campaign which benefited Mary’s Place By The Sea (Ocean Grove, NJ). In this latest effort, which partnered Club93 and the Danbury Hat Tricks, money was raised to fight breast cancer and to aid women battling with cancer. Mary’s Place provides afflicted women with respite from the rigors of cancer treatment. Said Club93 founder Jim Imbro, “we were so happy to raise money for such a worthy cause and it really helps us keep focused on what’s important in life. It also gives us the opportunity to show too that we are committed to helping out beyond an ice surface. We are not limited to aiding the hockey community although that’s where we evolved from.”

Founder Will Bjornsund added, “with Mary’s Place, we are starting to compile a body of work that makes us proud to do what we do. We started by being a sponsor for the 2023 Moustache Classic in Danbury which benefitted mens’ health. We then donated to Kerry Frasier’s Stake Club Charitable Foundation, and more recently, we raised money and donated to the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to again fight breast cancer. In terms of hockey itself, we also were a big sponsor at this year’s Top Hat Cup which promotes the development of amateur hockey. We are proud of what we have done so far and intend to keep moving forward. We appreciate all our supporters.”

Club93 has set it sights and is now making plans to once again step as a sponsor for this year’s Moustache Classic which is slated to be played in Danbury this November.