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People ask us what Club93 is all about and what does it take to join? The answer might surprise you as it is incredibly simple and even perhaps overly transparent. Club93 is a movement which was founded on the objective of fostering belief and encouragement to individuals to play ice hockey until they reach the age of 93. Importantly, the movement extends to all individuals, at any age, who play at any level; simply put, if you play you are qualified to be a member regardless of your age, skill level, or gender. However, although the movement is grounded in the sport of ice hockey, the principles of Club93 can readily be applied to any activity that one chooses to undertake or participate in.

In terms of joining, that answer is a bit more involved but “joining” Club93 really means that you make a commitment to the group and to yourself to do what is in your power to attempt to reach the ultimate goal of playing till you are 93. In principle, the objective is easy to understand however, in the practical living of day to day life, the goal is anything but easily achieved. It takes dedication, discipline, hard work, long term consistency, and, a relentless will to put yourself in a position to “chase 93” and as we all know in life, there are no guarantees for a tomorrow for anybody.

The interesting dichotomy of Club93 is that when an individual makes their personal commitment to themselves, they are also benefitting the group because the further you go, the more encouragement and contribution you add to the group whose members also see (and possibly share in) your efforts and progress. Thus, when you push your limits and “chase 93” not only do you personally benefit but you also encourage and better other members to do the same. The end result should be a “win win” for everyone.

The over simplicity–but also the beauty–of the Club93 mindset is the focus on “commitment.” If you are “for real” you will know whether you are really committed or not and more importantly, you will know whether you have truly given it your best shot and left everything out on the ice. If you have done that, you will see it and so will others. If you haven’t, you might fool others but you won’t fool yourself and that’s the ultimate test–the mirror. Are you prepared to look in that mirror and commit yourself to living your best athletic life to hopefully continue to play the sport that we all love and adore till you are 93? If you are ready for that then you are in the right place.

One final note, we are not here to judge or critique anyone or their playing ability. We are also not here to teach skills, run drills, or formulate game strategies. Instead, we are here to help build and support one’s belief system and also to eradicate many of those doubts that constantly swirl around all of us. Thoughts like “you can’t do that” or “you’re too old” have no place in your Club93 vocabulary and if you cannot accept that then Club93 may not be the place for you. Perhaps it’s “pollyannish” of us to think that but we aren’t playing for a fielder’s choice; we want to hit a grand slam and will do everything in our power to do so.

If you are fine with that and are ready to commit to the athletic journey of a lifetime, let’s get to work.